Benefits of Healthcare Cost-Sharing Programs

  • $20 Doctors Visits
  • 100% Preventative Care
  • $20 Urgent Care Visits

If you’re looking for an alternative to health insurance—with its skyrocketing premiums and dwindling benefits—you might be interested in what healthcare cost-sharing has to offer. Healthcare cost-sharing is a program in which members voluntarily give and receive financial assistance for eligible healthcare expenses as part of a pooled network. This setup has many benefits over traditional health insurance.

Lower Premiums

If you’re accustomed to paying the average unsubsidized cost of $1,600 per month for your family’s health insurance, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief when you join a healthcare ministry that asks for just $600 or less per month. As an individual, you may enjoy monthly contribution amounts of under $300. These substantial savings make medical cost-sharing more affordable for families that don’t have access to employer-sponsored health plans or government subsidies.

Lower Out-of-Pocket Limits

You can always sign up for a low-premium, catastrophic coverage plan with a health insurance provider, but high deductibles and yearly out-of-pocket limits make this an uneconomical choice for many. With healthcare cost-sharing, both your monthly contributions and annual household portion are reasonable and affordable.

Potential Healthcare Service Discounts

Healthcare costs are not set amounts, meaning patients can often negotiate a better deal from their medical providers. In fact, some providers are so thrilled to skip dealing with an insurance company and its convoluted claims process that they offer deep discounts to members of cost-sharing plans—all you need to do is ask. If you don’t feel comfortable negotiating on your own, some healthcare ministries will offer to do so on your behalf.

Shared Values

Healthcare cost-sharing programs can provide such low-cost healthcare because they rely on members living by a statement of faith. This includes shunning tobacco and recreational marijuana use, avoiding the abuse of legal drugs and alcohol, and living a heterosexual, monogamous lifestyle.

As a result, you don’t have to fret about your monthly shares paying for medical expenses that conflict with your personal convictions. Only faith-promoting medical events are covered, while services and procedures such as birth control, abortions, STD treatment, teen pregnancies, and injuries caused by substance abuse are often excluded.

Sense of Solidarity

If you have ever felt the peace and comfort of someone praying for you, you’ll love this benefit of healthcare cost-sharing. Members are encouraged to lift and support one another, not just through prayer, but through financial contributions. This creates a powerful sense of solidarity among a group of people who share each other’s costs and“bear one another’s burdens.”

Flexibility & Control

In-network restrictions can be a frustrating aspect of traditional health insurance. You’ll be pleased to learn that some health ministries don’t operate on a “provider network” system. Without this restriction, you’re free to choose your doctor and receive treatment at your hospital of choice. This creates much greater flexibility and gives you more control over your healthcare choices.

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